NAMIB GRAND - Follow up

Have you ever felt connected to something that you've never touched, or fallen in love with a place you've never been to? Years ago I saw a friends photos online, which began a distant love affair.  I could barely locate this country on the map, and somehow I was so drawn to its vast emptiness. Two years ago I finally stepped foot into that country, but only for a brief two days spent primarily at a hotel far removed from the true beauty that exists throughout.  Since my initial trip I have had a longing to return to this land and explore it further - so in April this year I did just that spending 20 unforgettable days in Namibia.


Namibia is a truly special place, home to unique cultures, landscapes and wildlife.

- the Kalahari Desert

- the Namib Desert


- the San people of southern Africa (believed to be 1 or 14 ancestral groups from which modern man descended)

- Worlds largest underground lake (non-glacial)

- One of the least desenly populated countries, averaging 2.9 people/square km

- Fish River Canyon (2nd biggest canyon in the world)

- 100,000 Cape Fur Seals at Cape Cross

With a 20 day itinerary, I had to balance both distance and the various features I wanted to visit.  I rented a 4x4 truck with an enlarged fuel tank which enabled me to drive further into void, without the need to refuel.  The truck came equipped with a built in tent, cooking supplies, water tank, so I could be fully self-sufficient wherever I ended up.  

Map Namibia May1.jpg

I will be posting on each area that I visited. Here is an updated map of where I travelled, diverging slightly from my initial planned route. Stay tuned.