The Scorpion

Yesterday evening, after taking my shower before bed, I reached to my pile of clean clothes for a pair of boxers.  Without thinking twice I put them on and within seconds felt a sharp sting in the back of my leg.  It felt like 5 bee stings all in a row.  Ripping my boxers off , I saw a small critter hiding on the bottom seam, it was a scorpion. Luckily he got the back of my leg, it could have been WAYYY WORSEEE!  I collected him into a jar to show some of the guides and help identify him.  The general consensus was that it was a black rock scorpion.  He was photographed, pincher-printed and released on bail....

Poison & Venom
Scorpions, Snakes and Spiders have VENOM not poison.
Frogs have POISON not venom.

Poisons cause harm if swallowed or inhaled. Venoms must be injected under the skin into the tissues normally protected by skin in order to be toxic (in some cases swallowing/inhaling a venom can be toxic).  There are over 1000 known species of scorpions, and all of them contain venom but only 25 poses venom that can harm humans. 

So ya…always check your underwear!